Based in Bangkok, the Indo-Siam Group is committed to providing Thai client companies with high quality products and services.
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The core business of the Indo-Siam Group is supplying high quality business support services to non-Thai business activities operating within Thailand.

Our Business Services Division operates in three main practice areas:

  Bangkok Staff Services     Thai Trade Data Services     Thai Start-Up Services    
  Provides short-term staff augmentation in support of urgent projects or events.    

Provides import/export trade data research, detailed market / competitive research, agricultural research, and assists clients in identifying ALL Thai importers or exporters of any specified trade good.


Assists non-Thais with launching a business within Thailand. Additionally, helps existing companies meet regulatory requirements - by providing monthly accounting services, arranging virtual office support, processing changes to registrations (addresses, directors, shareholders, capitalization), and obtaining renewals of work permits and visas.

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